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The International Institute of Qigong and Shamanic Chinese Medicine is dedicated to the practice and teaching of this ancient form of healing with roots going back into prehistoric times. This long-forgotten branch of Classical Chinese Medicine is both a powerful form of alternative medicine and a profound path of personal transformation.

Setting New Standards

The International Institute of Qigong and Shamanic Chinese Medicine offers the highest standards of certification.  Established in 2018, the International Institute of Qigong and Shamanic Chinese Medicine has branches in both Canada and USA. Membership is available to those who have studied and become certified in any branch of Energetic Chinese Medicine. Join us!

Lantern Festival


Seminar D 1 Begins in Victoria, BC, November 28th to December 2nd, 2018


This six seminar program will be held equally in Vancouver and Victoria over the course of 2 years. The training begins on November 28th,  2018 and completes in June 2020. The main course is followed by seminar D 7, China Temple Excursion in September 2020, which is in the process of being organized. Graduates of this program will be granted a DMQ in Oncology. That said, the program will be rich and diverse with both Professor Noel Taylor DMQ, and Professor Wendy Lang MMQ, offering their own unique talents and perspectives on Oncology and all other aspects of healing, from a perspective of body, mind and spirit.  The course will be exciting and interesting with lots of new material that goes far beyond the syllabus.  The only DMQ course that is recognized by the IIMQ at this time is Oncology, and that is our reason for choosing this specialty.  The IIMQ does not offer any DMQ certificates, however, the organizers are working with Dr. Johnson to see if he will be a signer on our IIQSM certificates (no guarantees). We feel that by following the IIMQ syllabus, in addition to the veracity of the accumulated years of experience of both Noel Taylor and Wendy Lang (who have had led their own schools for many years), that the DMQ granted will stand strongly on its own. Together, Wendy and Noel have created an exciting new school which you are invited to be a part of, the International Institute of Qigong and Shamanic Chinese Medicine.  

Dates for 2018 - 2019

D 1: Nov. 28 - Dec. 2, Victoria

D 2: March 20 - 24, Vancouver

D 3: June 19 - 23, Victoria

D 4: Nov. 6 - 10, Vancouver

D 5: March 18 - 22, Victoria

D 6: June 17 - 21, Vancouver

D 7: TBA, (optional) China

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Students who have completed their Masters level training are eligible to apply to study. We will be using the new volumes of Dr. J. Johnson's series "Chinese Energetic Medicine".  All students are required to purchase this series. For Doctoral Certification, students must have their Masters level completed to IIMQ standards (before 2020).  There will be homework exams and a Doctoral Dissertation required for graduation.  See Syllabus here.

Doctor of Medical Qigong Program Overview


The Doctor of Medical Qigong Program follows the syllabus of the International Institute of Medical Qigong, created by Grandmaster, Professor Jerry Alan Johnson.  This Doctor of Medical Qigong Program is being offered by Noel Taylor, DMQ in collaboration with Wendy Lang MMQ.  Together a wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom of Medical Qigong and the Classical Chinese Medicine tradition.


This is a rare opportunity to study with these two exceptional teachers at this most advanced level of training.  The DMQ has never before been offered in Canada, and there are no future plans to re-offer it.


The Doctor of Medical Qigong Program (DMQ) offers students an opportunity to study in depth, the energetic etiology of cancer patterns. We will examine the energetic root of the patterns that cause cancer.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine cancer is considered to be an extreme stagnation and imbalance of the body’s energy systems. Medical Qigong focusses on correcting these imbalances and bringing the body back into homeostasis.


Even though this is an Oncology program we will be addressing all forms of disease and internal disharmonies on the body, mind and spirit levels. 


The DMQ seminars are focused on strengthening all aspects of the students personal and clinical practice. We will be going to a greater depth with all Dao Yin practices, at all levels, including new prescription protocols.


There will be reading assignments prior to each seminar as well as examinations and review following each seminar.  Students must complete all exams and other requirements, including doing the research and clinical field studies on which to base the doctoral dissertation.

Students clinical externship and dissertation may be tailored specifically to the student’s individual interest.


It highly recommended that you work on the dissertation throughout the program.  Topic choice must be approved.  Dissertations are due to be completed by June 30, 2021.


Your dissertation must be edited and receive 3 peer reviews by appropriate professional colleagues who have familiarity with the dissertation topic before submission. 


The Doctor of Medical Qigong Certification (DMQ) that we are offering is a 2,000 hour program. The program requires the completion of 1,000 hours beyond the Masters of Medical Qigong certification.  This brings the total to 2,000 hours. The program consists of your attendance, participation and completion of six 5 day seminars over 2 years.


Additional Requirements for DMQ Completion

Group Study 150 hours

(Consulting with fellow students individually or as a group, discussion/collaboration of research for dissertation)

Advanced Education – 100 hours

(Includes any adjunct education applicable to Medical Qigong Practice that you have taken already.  Please contact to confirm approval for this program)

Dissertation Review – 30 hours

(Your dissertation must be edited and receive 3 peer reviews by appropriate professional colleagues who have familiarity with the dissertation topic before submission) 

Clinical Externship – 528 hours

(Can include all hours that you have taught and practiced beyond your MMQ hours.




USA INFORMATION: 415-786-2983


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